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75XXK Line Passives

2-Way, 3-Way, 8dB, 12dB, 16dB Dcís & Power Inserter

These 1GHz line passives are SA compatible and include 2-Way, 3-Ways (balanced & un-balanced) splitters, 8dB, 12dB & 16dB directional couplers and a power inserter. They are rated at 15 Amps and have fused ports.


  • Bandwidth 5MHz to 1GHz
  • RFI Shielding-110dB
  • Heavy duty power passing choke
  • Glass epoxy PCB (FR4-G10) with protective cover
  • 90 degree swival blocks for easy installation in aerial or pedestal applications
  • Fused output ports
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Strip gauges on housing and heat shrink ridges on 5/8-24 ports
  • Dual heavy-duty neoprene and wire mesh gaskets for total protection
  • 360 die cast aluminum housing & plate that has been sealed & chromated
  • Interlocking tongue/groove housing and faceplate (excellent RFI isolation)
  • Laminated ID label
  • Ports numbers die cast into housing
  • SA compatable housing
  • 100% Quality control at our factory
  • CE approved



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