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9016DK* MDU Splitter/Combiner

8-Way, 12-Way & 16-Way MDU Passives

The RMS 9016DK* is a 16-Way splitter that can be used as splitter/combiner. It has many excellent features including neoprene sealed brass F ports, >-110dBc IM spec, low profile, excellent port/port isolation, return loss and very
flat tap loss.



  • Bandwidth 5MHz to 1GHz
  • RFI Shielding >-110dB
  • Micro-strip designed PCB for consistency of specifications and superior total bandwidth characteristics
  • Premium ferrites, resistors and capacitors
  • Laminated ID label that will not fade
  • Aluminum housing that is powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined brass "F" ports
  • Each unit is individually boxed with mounting screws and "F" port protectors
  • Capacitors on all ports for hum/IM2 (9016DK)
  • Low profile design
  • Four mounting holes for ease of installation
  • Each "F" port is clearly numbered
  • Dual integrated heavy duty ground screw
  • Modified 360 degree contacts that offer excellent contact between coax and F61, also has excellent
    wiping action
  • Spacing between "F" ports is in compliance with SCTE specifications so that traps/filters etc. can be installed
  • Excellent insertion loss, isolation (port/port) and return loss, isolation
  • Heavy duty epoxy sealed T&G back-plate will not warp or bend
  • CE approved

*Also available in 8-Way (9008K) and 12-Way (9012K)



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