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RDA-2/RDA-4 Drop Amps

1GHz 2-Way & 4- Way Drop Amps (Passive Return)

Comes Complete With Power Supply

The RMS RDA-2 and RDA-4 are our standard 2-Way @ 4-Way drop amps with a passive return. They are in a very rugged zinc housing and the port designation is clearly die cast into the housing.



  • Forward Bandwidth 54MHz -1000MHz
  • Return bandwidth 5MHz - 40MHz (Passive)
  • RFI Shielding >-100dB
  • Digital ready
  • Excellent port to port isolation to prevent damage to your digital signals caused by micro reflections
  • Double sided through hole plated FR4-G10 printed circuit board
  • Multiple grounding points from PCB to housing for superior total bandwidth characteristics
  • High reliability Monolithic IC (MMIC)
  • Extensive use of SMD components
  • Dual powering options
  • AC adapter included
  • Optional power inserter (RDA-P1)
  • UL & CSA approved power supply
  • Nickel plated heavy-duty zinc alloy die cast housing
  • Tongue and groove back plate with neoprene and wire mesh gaskets for superior RFI and weather
    proof protection
  • Precision machined F ports
  • Flat 360 degree “F” ports assures complete sealing of grommets
  • Power, input, output and “F” port identification is die cast into housing
  • Universal type mounting holes for easy positioning & installation
  • Heavy duty grounding screw
  • Each unit is individually packaged
  • CE approved



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